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Dealer Training

Refinishing Techniques

This course is designed to provide users with a mix of theoretical and practical work of all aspects of the refinish process from surface preparation to application of 2K Topcoats,
Clearcoats and Polishing.

2K MS and HS Finishes

This course is designed to enhance the individual’s knowledge of 2K MS and HS systems and covers the mixing and application of 2K MS and HS Solid Colour, MS and HS Clearcoats, Hardener- Thinner selection, local repair and fade-out.

2K Pearls and Micas

This course provides an in depth appraisal of the application of 2K 2- stage and 3 stage Pearlescent/Mica finishes, local repair and fade- out techniques and the use of 2K MS and HS Clearcoats.

2K Preparation Techniques

Courses designed to teach Basic prepping procedures. Products and techniques used in pre-paint prepping are discussed in detail and applied during the practical segment.

Bodyshop Management

This course examines key functions in managing a Bodyshop profitably and ways to maximise resources.

2K Fade-Out Techniques

Training at Advanced Level in techniques of colour matching/blending of spot and panel repairs. Programme covers all 2K Topcoats, solid colours, metallic 2- stage Basecoats, pearl/mica 2-and 3 stage and Clearcoats.

2K HS Plastic Refinish System

This course is a detailed approach into the products and processes used in the repair and refinishing of plastic and composites substrates.

Paint Fault Rectification Compounding & Polishing

This course is designed to give and in depth appraisal and use of colour sanding equipment, Micro-finishing Abrasives, Compounds, Polishes and Glazes.



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